Shipping Methods

Orders are sent by the Company to the delivery service on their own, if
the following conditions are met:
a) the product is available
b) the payment of the order has been completed
c) the order has been registered until 15:00 µ.µ ..
In case the product is not available the shipment to the transport service can
to be carried out with a delay of 1-2 additional days (mainly in periods of discounts,
end of season or holidays).
Orders are processed from Monday to Saturday (except holidays). Orders that
placed in the system on Saturday from 12:00 onwards, will pass the approval stage,
preparation and shipping on Monday.
Delivery time for orders to the customer is usually 1-2 business days from
day of dispatch to the Transfer service. For areas outside the boundaries of its cities
network of the “Courier Center” (inaccessible areas) the delivery takes place within 2-3 working days
The company is not responsible for any delays due to force majeure.
The delivery of the products is done:
A. WITH RECEIPT FROM THE STORE: Immediately upon confirmation of the order
within working hours of the store.
For orders within Greece
1. Free shipping for orders over 49 €.
2. Charge 2 € for cactus orders of 49 €.
3. For orders over 3 kg, the charge is 1 € per kilo.
You reserve the right to return all or part of the order within 10 days
calendar days from the date you received it. The company will not accept
any return is borne by the shipping cost and is made by another company
couriers outside the Courier Center. In cases where you want to change the product
you must enter in the contact email code or product codes and
Size and your partner will contact you. Alternatively you can contact
directly to customer service at 210 5989974. Product return
is done at the Courier Center as well as the re-shipment of the desired product to you
and the total cost is € 4.